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Welcome to Mighty River Music

 August already?  Really?  Whoa!

Studio News: I am just finishing up some tracking for some good friends.  Hope to start on some new material soon.  Have a couple songs ready to record and a season of new songs sprouting up!  

Playing Out News:  My next date is at Warm Hearts Cafe, in Mechanicsburg, PA, on August 14th at 7:30.  Come out and hear some of the new yet to be recorded songs.  

Power and Love Schools will keep things busy this fall with trips to Tampa, FL and Lexington, KY.  If you go to any of those schools, come and say hello!  

Music News:  If you are using Apple Music, follow my @Connect profile to get the latest Mighty River Music news and gigging out schedlule.  The Mighty River CD is available at our shows and online, both streaming and download, on your favorite stream or download sources

Book News:  I am working on a new book containing material from my Grandfather writings.  He was with the AEF in WW1 and unbeknownst to me, this incredibly tough soldier grandfather wrote poetry about his experiences!  In the meantime, my devotional about praying the beatitudes is now a FREE resource.  It can be found in iBooks via the link on this page.

Grow in your faith! Make it visible!